Begin a new and exciting career in beauty


Are you a creative soul dreaming of a career in the beauty industry? Worried about making a career move while balancing work, school, and life?

Puttin' on the Tips is the place for you. We are a licensed Cosmetology trade school.

At Puttin' on the Tips, we know how daunting it is to try and advance your career when you have other responsibilities, and that’s why we structure our certification courses to be convenient for our students while still enabling them to finish in a timely manner. We have also crafted our tuition plans to work for you, so you can learn affordably and finish our courses without any expensive loans to repay. Our learning environment is relaxed, supportive, and includes hands-on training with veteran instructors. When you graduate from Puttin' on the Tips, you’ll have the confidence, skills, and certifications you need to start on a path to success in the hair, nail, and skin care fields.

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Are you looking for affordable beauty services? Want to help our advanced students complete their education?

Puttin' on the Tips offers hair, nail, and skin care services to customers provided by our high-level students who are completing their hands-on training with the aid of an instructor. We guarantee you’ll look great, save money, and help someone on their path to success!